Elegant representation meets vivid contemporary style.  Erica's earliest artistic experiences were formed by her life growing up in the Midwest.  She was interested in art from a very young age.   As early as five years old she was drawing and painting.  Her passion for art grew along with her proficiency and soon she was working on art everyday after school.  Erica continued to take classes whenever she could, adding a dimension of formal training to her work.   


Flowers are her favorite subject to paint.  She is drawn to their diverse colors and rounded shapes.  Erica works exclusively in ink and acrylic using bold colors plus white.  Her past work incorporated very detailed subjects, yet along the way she decided to take a much more spontaneous method of composition.  Through diligence and persistence, Erica has created a highly unique technique that has grown into a fun and recognizable style that combines both representational and abstract.  Most importantly, she has fun creating her work.  


Her studies in art include Norwegian Rosemaling, Art Instruction School and Art Business Academy.  Erica strives to create art work that conveys beauty and mystery for people to enjoy.  Her work has been praised for its distinctive ability to capture the energy and beauty of the subject.  People have often stated that there is a consistent floating imagery to her work.  Inspired by the bold colors and spontaneous flow, she expresses her observations in an immediate and bold voice.  Essentially, Erica made herself an artist through self-discipline, a passion for her work, and a willingness to pursue opportunities along the way.  





Erica's art education has been acquired through Art Instruction School, Art Bisinsess Academy, and self-discipline.



Erica's work has been exhibited in Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association, Century College annual group show, Minnesota State Fair, and in her very own studio and gallery at the Grand Garage in Historic Downtown Stillwater, Minnesota.



The Rake Magazine, Review of Art Attack Group Show.

Cover Art for North Star Watercolor Society Fall Show.

Illustrator Magazine - 1st place winner of the Art Instruction School Art Competition.

Chairperson for Century College Annual Group Show.

Northeaster - "Heart of the Midwest: A Creatie Tradition at the N.K.B."

Xanadu online gallery in Scottsdale Arizona

Xanadu gallery art catalogue 




Erica works exclusively in ink and acrylic.  Her style is a blend of abstract and representational.  Flowers are her favorite subject to paint adding elements from nature.  Erica's palette consists of a variety of bold colors plus white giving her work a wow fctor.







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